The Technical

How does SMARTENER™ work?

SMARTENER™’s hardware platform is the Cyrrus Universal Surveillance Processor (CUSP), developed and manufactured exclusively to meet the company’s specific functional and safety assurance requirements.


The CUSP is a 19inch rack-mounted unit of 2U height with no moving parts and high reliability. The hardware platform requires no internal changes to the existing radar display or radar processor.

SMARTENER™ accepts radar aircraft track reports and radar service messages from two or more remote radars, each of which may be a stand-alone or combined radar. Remote radars may have a different turning rate to the local radar, but the data sent to the air traffic control radar display is always synchronous to the local radar.

SMARTENER™ accepts a source of secondary surveillance data, which can be from any of the following:

  • A stand-alone SSR
  • The SSR element of data from any local or remote radar, which is a combined head
  • An ADS-B receiver, or
  • A multilateration sensor

SMARTENER™ has three modes of operation:

  • Validation Mode; where local radar reports are displayed when the tracks are validated by multi-radar processing, turbine clutter is suppressed and the ‘capture’ of aircraft tracks by wind turbine returns is eliminated
  • Reinforcement Mode; offers all the features of Validation Mode, but additionally substitutes aircraft tracks based on remote radar if – for any reason – the local radar is invalid, and
  • Multi-radar Reinforcement Mode; where the local radar output is presented as a composite of all the validated radar inputs throughout the defined Multi-Sensor Zone.

SMARTENER™ is part of Cyrrus' AERIUM™ product range, which offers:

  • Plot assignor/combiner for primary and secondary plots
  • Seamless integration of infill radar data, and
  • Multi-radar track reinforcement

The SMARTENER™ platform can include primary/secondary combination with any of the AERIUM™ applications.

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SMARTENER™ - an acronym for SMall Area Real Target ENhancER - is a patented data processing system, which takes information from multiple radar scanners and sends filtered information to existing radar display systems.

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