the challenge

Wind-farms can interfere with the radar that the aviation industry needs to operate safely...

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the Solution

SMARTENER™ - an acronym for SMall Area Real Target ENhancER - removes wind turbine clutter from radar...

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the Technical

Want to know how SMARTENER™ works? Find out all the technical information here...

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the knowledge

Further information on SMARTENER™ including technical specifications, brochures and demo video...

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Welcome to SMARTENER™

Solving aviation issues for wind turbines

The effects of wind turbines on aviation radar are well known and are a major obstacle to the development of on-shore and coastal wind-farms.


Existing technical mitigations such as infill from an unaffected radar have limitations due to the resultant degradations to the performance of the affected radar. Such solutions can also be very expensive, requiring installation of additional radars and their integration into the radar display system.

Cyrrus has developed SMARTENER™, an innovative technology to remove wind turbine clutter from radar displays whilst avoiding some of the disadvantages associated with infill and other solutions.

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Welcome to the new SMARTENER™ website. Find out everything there is to know about SMARTENER™ or request a call back to see how SMARTENER™ can help you.

SMARTENER™ - an acronym for SMall Area Real Target ENhancER - is a patented data processing system, which takes information from multiple radar scanners and sends filtered information to existing radar display systems.

New SMARTENER™ video. Watch this space for the launch of our new SMARTENER™ video. Find out everything you need to know about SMARTENER™ through our creative, easy-viewing video. Keep checking back.